Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Annette Lake 2015-04-08

7.34 miles and 2,031 feet of elevation gain.

This is a very popular hike on nice summer weekends.  On wet overcast early spring days you only see a few people.  No great views but it was nice to get out and hike.

Googles Maps link

Crossing Humpback Creek, about a quarter mile from the trailhead.

The part of Humpback Mountain that is not in the clouds.

Arrived at Annette Lake, the lake is snow free.

The base of Abiel Peak in the background.

 Playing in the lake.

Nobody was happy about posing. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cedar River Divide 2015-03-13

14.41 miles and 4,356 feet of elevation gain.

A very long out and back hike mostly on roads, but it was quite and had some nice views. 

Google Maps link

The trail to the base of the old railroad bridge.

Did someone not enunciate properly when they told the sign maker what to put on the sign?  It should read Hall Creek not Hull Creek.

Hall Creek from the bridge.

While crossing the bridge, you can look up at the ridge the trail will ascend.  The trail goes up the side of the ridge and passes by the base of those rocks before attaining the ridge top.

 Did the boulder land there or did the surrounding rock fall away leaving this part intact?
Two hundred feet farther up the trail traverses through a small enclave in the rocks.

 Watch for this split in a dark thicket of fir trees on the shortcut trail by Change Pond.  Don't go to the pond. 

The turn off for Change Peak just before crossing the Great Wall.

Not much tree cover from the sun, had to wear the floppy hat.
On top of the divide looking down to Chester Morse Lake and the No Trespassing sign for the Cedar River Watershed. 
Chester Morse Lake and Masonry Pool (the little skinny part)

And, of course, a view of Mt Rainier or the native name Ti'Swaq if you prefer. 

Which is the best picture or Blue?

 Mid-Mountain Mountain from the start of the spur road.

 Mt Washington on the left right behind the Great Wall, Change Peak on the left.

Looking down the ridge from Mid-Mountain Mountain.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Putrid Pete's Peak Loop 2012-08-19

This is a hike from 2012 that was not posted.

8.04 miles and 3,548 feet of elevation gain.

Putrid Pete's Peak (P3) is a high point on the ridge between Mount Defiance and Webb Mountain.  It is at the top of a rock cliff.

From the Ira Springs trailhead, start up the trail to Mason Lake and at the sharp right turn look for a boot path continuing straight.  There are a couple of splits, keep to the right/uphill.  At one point the trail hits a small talus field with no visible trail on the other side.  The trail is at the top on the far side, you might see a cairn.  Also, there is one short section that does require some scrambling, long legs are a plus.  Once above the trees, the trail can be hit and miss, stay on the ridge and keep going up.

After peeking over the rocks at the peak, descent slightly and follow the ridge.  Stay as high as possible, a trail is on the very top of the ridge not too far from the peak.  As you approach Mt Defiance the trees get thicker and the trail can be hard to follow.  At about 4,950 feet of elevation start watching for a split in the trail and following the one to the left.  The main trail is a short distance to the left, the ridge trail parallels it for a few hundred feet before it intersects the main trail.      
Google Maps link

Up the ridge

The picture in the summit register is of Pete according to SummitPost.orgLink to a Seattle PI article about Pete's life-saving belay on K2 in 1953. 

Looking east towards Mount Defiance

Looking west towards Webb Mountain

Sitting on top, well almost.  We peered over the top and looked down the sheer cliff, it is not a place I would sit.

The ridge we came up.

Leaving P3

 Looking back at P3 and the ridge to Webb Mountain.

Mason Lake

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rainbow Lake 2015-02-23

8.55 Miles and 3,019 feet of elevation gain.

Another wonderful spring day in the middle of winter.  We went up the old trail then past Mason Lake and on to Rainbow Lake.

We have never been to Blazer Lake and I thought it would be nice to include it.  It looks like it is only a short distance from Rainbow but I have never noticed a trail on previous trips through the area.  We did see some foot prints in the snow heading in the right direction, but they turned around at a swampy area.  I decided to do the same, too lazy to bushwhack.   Very little snow, most of the trail was snow free.

Just prior to Rainbow Lake, we met our first person on the trail, a guy doing a 27 mile trail run on his day off, what fun.  I forgot to ask if he was training for the Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.  He did mention that last year at this time he was in show up to his knees.

I sat  in a sunny spot by the Rainbow Lake and had a snack,  very relaxing.  Another plus, no bugs!

I haven't been on the new Mason Lake trail since we discovered the old trail.  For a change of pace we went down it.   It was amazing how many people were coming up the trail on a Monday!  We met more people than on all our other hikes put together in the last year. 

Google Maps link

On the old trail to Mason Lake.

A mostly frozen Mason Lake and Little Bandera.

The no name lake and Pratt Mountain.  A nice alpine lake, I don't know why it doesn't have a name.

 Rainbow Lake

 Mount Defiance

Kaleetan Peak?

Putrid Pete's Peak

McClellan Butte

The big mountain

Back at the parking lot.  Four or five years ago, this is what it would look in the summer on a weekend not on a Monday.